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UK Chemist is run and owned by Whitley Bay Pharmacy, which is located at 116 Park View, Whitley Bay and provides in store services for the local community.

Services include Emergency Hormonal Contraception, Medicine Disposal, Medicine Use Reviews (MURs), Monitored Dosage Systems,  and Private Consultation Area. Please contact us for more details.

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Commonly known as the "morning after pill", emergency contraception is available from UK Chemist. If you need emergency contraceptive advice you can speak with a pharmacist, either in the pharmacy, or informally by phone. If it is considered appropriate and safe, we can provide you with this form of contraception. Please get in touch if you'd like some advice.
Occassionally you may find yourself with unused medicines and equipment. At UK Chemist we can dispose of them safely and carefully, just bring them into our Pharmacy  when you are passing.
At Moorcroft Pharmacy, our trained and skilled healthcare professionals can provide you with the best possible advice on all aspects of your medicine requirements. If you have any questions about the medications you're taking or would like us to carry out a FREE Medicine Use Review, please get in touch
A Monitored Dosage System is designed to assist persons who may find it difficult to keep track of their medications and who sometimes forget to take their medicine as prescribed. If you think a monitored dosage system would help you, please speak to our Pharmacist.
As a community pharmacy we pride ourselves in offering great service to all of our customers. We have a private consultation room where you can have a quiet, private word with our qualified pharmacist in the strictest confidence. Contact us is you'd like to arrange a consultation.

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